Did you know that the definition of a weed is a plant in the wrong place at the wrong time?

When it comes to grassy weeds popping up in your Branson lawn this spring, they fit the weed definition to a tee.

What are Grassy Weeds?

Grassy weeds look like grass—including ornamental grasses or grasses that would grow in lawns. However, they’re wild and not cultivated grass plants that look out of place on a property.

There are annual weeds, such as Poa annua (annual bluegrass) and crabgrass that have 12-month lifecycles. And perennial grassy weeds, including dallisgrass, can live for a 48-month lifecycle or longer.

Crabgrass is an annual summer weed, which means that its growing season starts in early spring and lasts until the first frost.

If you have a tall fescue lawn, crabgrass and dallisgrass will make your yard look messy as well as threaten thin areas. And grassy weeds can take over your property.

How Pre-Emergent Weed Control Works in Your MO Lawn

At Zanescapes, we start applying pre-emergent weed control to Branson lawns when the soil temperature reaches 50ºF to 55ºF—around the time the forsythia shrubs start blooming in early spring.

Pre-emergent weed control works by creating a barrier that keeps grassy weeds from sprouting. Crabgrass control will last about six weeks or more since we use granular weed control.

You’ll need to water the area after we put down the weed control so that it starts to break down and build that barrier in the soil.

We may need to reapply pre-emergent weed control again in late spring and early fall to stop future grassy weeds from popping up. Remember, crabgrass, the most popular lawn weed, will continue to spread seeds and germinate throughout the spring and summer until the first frost kills them off.

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In addition to pre-emergent weed control, you can practice sound lawn management practices that produce a healthy lawn. And healthy turfgrass crowds out weeds.

Maintain your thick green grass by

  • Only taking off the top third of grass each time you mow
  • Mow with sharp blades to protect your turfgrass from rips and tears
  • Invest in lawn maintenance services such as overseeding, core aeration, and weed control services.
  • Only water your lawn in the wee hours of the morning when there is no evaporation from the sun or the wind. Better yet, invest in an outdoor sprinkler system that uses Bluetooth technology, allowing you to set the timer to go off in the early morning.
  • If you have a cool season lawn with tall fescue or ryegrass, allow it to go dormant in the middle of the summer. Your cool season grass will green up when the temperatures go down and rain returns.
  • Don’t mow your lawn during a drought or if it’s dormant.
  • If you have a zoysia or Bermuda grass lawn, it’ll continue to grow and stay green in the summer. So, it’ll need regular mowing—only take a third off the top of the grass plant.
  • Limit the foot traffic on your lawn during the summer to protect drought-stressed grass and reduce soil compaction.

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Other Pre-Emergent Weed Control FAQs

Many homeowners have concerns about their pets and children’s safety after a weed control application.

Pre-emergent weed control is safe as long as you stay off your lawn for 30 minutes to one hour after application and the first watering. Our crews will provide you with aftercare instructions.

How to kill weeds without killing the grass?

We don’t recommend planting any grass seed around the time of a pre-emergent weed application because the soil barrier will also block grass seeds from germinating.

The pre-emergent should last 60 days in the soil since it’s a slow-release application. After the 60-day window is up, you can plant grass seed.

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