Show Some Love for Your Late Blooming Shrubs

By zanescapes / August 11, 2021 /

It’s nearing the end of summer, and your Branson, MO beds are giving you the grand finale. Rose of Sharon, crape myrtle, and hydrangeas show off with various shades of blue-green, coral, fuchsia, lilac, violet, periwinkle, and burgundy. And the pollinators love visiting these nectar-rich plants. How can these flowering bushes survive the dog days…

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Time to Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month by Fine-Tuning Your Lawn Irrigation System

By zanescapes / July 5, 2021 /

How often do you inspect your MO sprinkler system? Do you know how to turn it off in the fall and reopen it again in the spring? Do you know how to troubleshoot outdoor sprinkler system problems, such as A broken valve or solenoid? A sprinkler head that won’t pop up? Brown spots on your…

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Get a Handle on Lawn Fungus

By zanescapes / June 7, 2021 /

Does your lawn have a fungus? You can tell if there are cottony patches in the morning, a ring with mushrooms growing in a circle, or dead, brown patches of turf. Fortunately, you can control lawn fungus from growing in your yard with some cultural changes in how you care for your lawn. Most turf…

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Do You Know the Secret for Changing Your Hydrangeas’ Colors? 6 Steps to Alter Your Hydrangeas’ Hues

By zanescapes / May 12, 2021 /

Changing the color of your hydrangeas is a unique approach for eye-catching landscaping. By tweaking the soil’s pH, you can turn your hydrangeas to red, pink, blue, or purple. How to Change Your Hydrangea’s Color by Altering the Soil’s pH Depending on your mood or desire for a color change, you can switch around the…

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How Yard Drainage Prevents Flooding from Spring Rains

By zanescapes / April 6, 2021 /

Have you heard the good news about yard drainage? You can stop spring rains from flooding your Branson, MO property this year. And there are plenty of landscaping ideas to repair those flooded areas. You need to discover what’s causing standing water in your yard after it rains in the first place. Problem: 6 Reasons…

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Let Zanescapes Tree & Yard Put Mulch on Your Perennial Flowerbeds This Spring

By zanescapes / March 10, 2021 /

It’s time to clean out your flowerbeds so your perennials can pop through to grace your front and backyards. Part of that spring cleanup includes getting rid of winter mulch and putting down a fresh batch around your perennials to protect them from the summer’s hot temperatures and dry conditions. 9 Advantages of Spring Mulch…

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Pre-Emergent Weed Control: A Great Way to Prevent Grassy Weeds from Popping Up in Your MO Lawn

By zanescapes / February 12, 2021 /

Did you know that the definition of a weed is a plant in the wrong place at the wrong time? When it comes to grassy weeds popping up in your Branson lawn this spring, they fit the weed definition to a tee. What are Grassy Weeds? Grassy weeds look like grass—including ornamental grasses or grasses…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

By zanescapes / December 21, 2020 /

As the building and excavating season winds down for 2020, the Zanescapes team wishes you and your family a very blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year. As you know, 2020 has been a strange year with Coronavirus and how it changed our lives. Last year at this time, we never thought about masks, social…

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Improve Yard Drainage to Stop Flooding Your Branson, MO Property

By zanescapes / November 23, 2020 /

Are you aware that any ponding after a gully washer on your Branson, MO property will ruin your lawn, landscape, and even your home’s foundation? Learn more about how an excavator near you can improve your yard’s drainage to stop flooding every time it rains. Why Your Yard Doesn’t Drain Well The reasons why your…

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How an Outdoor Water Fountain Spells Peace for Your Branson, MO Landscape

By zanescapes / November 23, 2020 /

Did you know that a garden water fountain eases away the stress of the day? The movement of water and the interesting texture of the fountain provides your front or backyard a focal point. In this post, you’ll learn Why you need an outdoor water fountain   How garden fountains work   Get fountain landscape…

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