Do you want to add charm to your Branson, MO property? Then, you want to consider rock design.

Some rock designs include a dry-stack border surrounding your property’s perimeter or a flagstone walkway and patio. Rock design adds interest and color to your MO landscape.

Landscaping with Boulders and Large Rocks

Boulders and large rocks make statements. Use them as focal points in your landscape and place outdoor lighting to highlight your rock at night. Your landscape contractor can add accent plants that encapsulate the simplicity of your boulder or large rock design.

Why use boulders and large rocks?

For interest, texture, color, and shape.

Landscaping with large stones provides your property with a one-of-a-kind natural object that draws the eye to its different colors, textures, and marbling, depending on what type of stone you choose.

Here are six reasons why landscaping with large rocks will beautify your Branson, MO property:

  1. Natural stone uncovers nature’s unadulterated beauty. You can choose a large rock with mica or lichen on it—natural adornments that give sparkle and color to the boulder.
  2. A large stone will transform the look of your property. Decorative stone leads the eye to the rock and the surrounding landscape and improves visual interest.
  3. Boulders and landscaping rocks reduce your need for plant material. For example, stacked rocks work as borders or as part of a rock garden focusing on the stone material and its natural beauty.
  4. Boulders and rocks make perfect focal points. While they’re an investment, your large decorative rocks are permanent and don’t need maintenance to look their best.

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  1. Single boulders or a grouping of large rocks creates that natural theme. Again, plant materials work as accents rather than the main show. Plus, you add a piece directly from nature, whether you use single boulders or a rock grouping.
  2. Large landscape rocks bring beauty to your landscape through their textures, varying sizes, and unique coloring. No two decorative landscape rocks look the same—providing a sense of uniqueness to your outdoor space. 

What Size Rock Will Work for Your Next Landscape Project?

The short answer? That depends.

There are no one-size-fits-all rock designs because of the wide variety of boulders, rocks, and stones available. Generally speaking, design concepts guide you to the landscaped area that will benefit the most from stonework.

For example, river rocks work best with ponds, dry creek beds, and other water features. If you prefer Asian or minimalist outdoor design, then you want to include black lava rock.

You want to use boulders for dramatic effect. For example, your landscape contractor can help you find the right boulder to fit a section of your landscape or for your entire garden.

Since all landscaping boulders, large rocks, and stones vary in size, there’s no one set average size. 

Landscape rocks and stones are measured by weight. You and your landscape designer can visit a rock yard, landscape supply store, or a quarry to find the perfect stones for your Missouri landscape.

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Creating a Landscape Centerpiece with Rock Design

You can add rock design for more than a rock garden or a focal point. Indeed, many landscape projects use dry-stacking stone or use stone slabs for walkways. You’re not limited to one project.

Here are some other ways to add rock design to your Branson property:

  1. Dry stack fencing surrounding your lakefront property can reflect your home’s stone exterior.
  2. Flagstone walkways and a patio provide a classic feel to your backyard.
  3. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit made from Pennsylvania bluestone complements your home’s architecture and stonework.
  4. Seat walls and other hardscape features look rustic when designed with natural rocks and stones.
  5. Use stones or pebbles as mulch instead of traditional bark mulch—especially if you have a rock design or a fountain in the same landscaped area.
  6. Your landscape contractor can create retaining walls made from decorative landscape rock.
  7. Your landscape designer can mimic waterfalls, dry creek beds, and waterfalls with various stone sizes and colors found in nature. 
  8. Large rocks work well as borders in raised beds and around other landscaped areas.
  9. You can add low rock walls dividing different outdoor spaces—such as separating an outdoor kitchen from the outdoor dining area. 
  10. You can add a terrace and stone retaining walls on the hilly areas of your property.
  11. Bluestone works well if you want to create a stairway in your leveled terrace.
  12. Large slabs of rock work as a walkway rather than brick or stamped concrete.

How Zanescape’s Rock Designs Add Charm to Your Branson Property

At Zanescapes, we specialize in rock design. We’ll design a plan that includes stone that complements your home’s architecture as well as your lawn and landscape.

You’ll find that your property’s “Wow” factor increases when you use natural stone as part of your overall landscape design, whether you have a lakefront property or live in the woods.

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Zanescapes Tree and Yard Services provide rock design services in the following metropolitan areas: Branson, MO, Springfield, MO, and Harrison, AR.

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