It’s time to clean out your flowerbeds so your perennials can pop through to grace your front and backyards.

Part of that spring cleanup includes getting rid of winter mulch and putting down a fresh batch around your perennials to protect them from the summer’s hot temperatures and dry conditions.

9 Advantages of Spring Mulch

You know that mulch provides more for your perennial flowerbed than just a pretty face.

Organic mulch, which includes bark, pine needles, or wood chips, adds protection and other benefits to your Harrison, AR landscape. Most homeowners use bark mulch in their perennial landscapes.

Here are the benefits of mulch in your perennial flowerbeds:

1. Mulch prevents weed seeds from germinating and sprouting in your landscaped areas, which means less time weeding.

2. Mulch regulates soil temperatures by preventing plant roots from heaving during a spring frost. The mulch also keeps the plant roots cooler during the summer compared to perennials growing in bare soil.

3. Mulch protects plant roots and stems from ice forming on them during a spring frost.

4. When it rains, you’ll notice that you won’t have as much soil erosion in your landscaped beds because mulch protects the bare ground from washing away. Instead, the water absorbs into the mulch.

5. Mulch protects your perennials from disease and mold because bacteria and mold spores can’t splatter around the plant like they would with no mulch around them.

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6. As mulch breaks down during the growing season, it adds nutrients back into the soil.

7. Bark mulch reduces compaction by opening up soil space for more oxygen circulation, improving moisture retention and the soil’s ability to hold in nutrients.

8. Mulch reduces the effects of heavy foot traffic that leads to soil compaction—although you don’t want your kids running through your flowerbeds.

9. Mulch, when properly applied, makes your perennial flowerbeds and entire property look tidy and improves your curb appeal every time.

How to Mulch Around Tender Perennials

For the record, perennials are non-woody plants that last for many years. Annuals live only for the season, and biennials live for two years.

As your perennials burst through the soil, they need room to grow upward and outward, which means that we’ll clear last winter’s mulch. Old mulch also includes any remaining leaves that fell over the winter, as well as twigs and other debris that flew into your flowerbeds.

And our landscape maintenance crews will gently and evenly lay out mulch. There won’t be any piling up against the plants that would cause rot or disease.

In case you’re wondering, here’s a list of popular perennials that grace many Branson and Springfield, MO landscapes:

⦁ Ajania
⦁ Astilbe
⦁ Beardtongue
⦁ Bishop’s weed
⦁ Black-eyed Susans
⦁ Bluestar, both Amsonia hubrichii and Amsonia tabernaemontana
⦁ Bugleweed
⦁ Butterfly weed
⦁ Columbines
⦁ Coneflowers
⦁ Corel bells
⦁ Coreopsis varieties
⦁ Daylilies
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⦁ Delphiniums
⦁ Dianthus
⦁ Ferns
⦁ Hollyhock
⦁ Hostas
⦁ Japanese anemone
⦁ Joe Pye weed
⦁ Lady’s mantle
⦁ Lavender
⦁ Lilyturf
⦁ Phlox
⦁ Pigsqueak
⦁ Plumbago
⦁ Purple prairie clover
⦁ Red valerian
⦁ Russian sage
⦁ Salvia
⦁ Sedums
⦁ Shasta daisy
⦁ Shell flower
⦁ Siberian bugloss
⦁ Yarrow.

Why You Need Zanescapes Tree and Yard to Mulch Your Perennial Beds

Mulching is hard work that takes a whole day to complete depending on your property’s size. Make it easy on yourself and hire the pros to do the work for you.

At Zanescapes Tree and Yard, we’ll remove last year’s mulch, freshen up your beds, and apply a fresh batch of mulch to make your Branson or Springfield property look its best. If you live in Branson, Springfield, MO, or Harrison, AR, you need to call Zanescapes Tree and Yard.

In Branson, MO, our customers know that Zanescapes does quality work and will cleanup your perennial beds and apply fresh mulch professionally. Contact Zanescapes Tree and Yard today by calling 417-332-2333 or filling out our contact form.

Zanescapes Tree and Yard serves the following metropolitan areas: Branson, MO, Springfield, MO, and Harrison, AR.

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