Did you know that a garden water fountain eases away the stress of the day? The movement of water and the interesting texture of the fountain provides your front or backyard a focal point.

In this post, you’ll learn

  • Why you need an outdoor water fountain


  • How garden fountains work


  • Get fountain landscape ideas


  • How your landscape company provides plants and other features to complement your new fountain.

Why You Need an Outdoor Water Fountain

Why do you need a garden water fountain as part of your landscape? Do you love the sound of moving water? Will the fountain be a focal point in a meditative garden space?

You may want to add a fountain to your front yard, greeting people coming up to the front porch—that invite feelings of serenity and contentment. Alternatively, you may add a fountain as a focal point that you can see from inside your home during the winter.

How Do Outdoor Fountains Work?

Outdoor fountains work by hooking them up to your home’s electrical unit or through solar power. Also, your landscape contractor will connect the fountain to your water supply.

Water will continue to re-circulate through your fountain if it’s hooked up to your garden hose. If you have scuppers or scones near a water wall or in your pool, water will circulate into the pool or pond.

Fountain Landscape Ideas

Fountain designs come in all shapes and varieties depending on your landscape design goals and where your landscaper builds your fountain.

Here are some fountain landscape ideas to get you started:

  1. Concrete and stone fountains cost a bit more but don’t require a lot of care. You can use a stone fountain to blend in with the rest of your landscape.


  1. Bronze or copper garden water fountains provide contrast in a landscape. However, you will need to maintain your bronze or copper fountains to remove algae.


  1. Fountain styles include wall fountains, tiered fountains, and front yard water features.
  1. Light up your fountain. Enjoy your water fountain at night by adding lighting options. A spotlight can highlight the fountain’s design or use uplighting to zero in on a well-designed fountain in your garden.

You can hook up your garden fountain where the water bubbles up to the top of it that, when lit, will look like flames coming out of your water feature.


  1. Location, location, location – Talk with your landscape designer about your fountain’s placement. Will it complement a planted area or be a focal point to draw the eyes?

Additionally, a large garden fountain should have nothing near them since you’ll need full access to it. Conversely, you don’t want your small fountain getting lost in a dynamic landscape.

Make sure your fountain, large or small, is close to electrical and water hookups.

  1. Find a water fountain design that works for you – There are so many outdoor water fountain design ideas, such as
  • Self-contained fountains
  • Japanese fountains
  • Modern fountains
  • Pondless fountains
  • Stand-alone fountains
  • Tiered fountains
  • Large and small fountains.

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How to Landscape Around a Fountain

It depends on which type of fountain you have installed on your property that determines the landscaping around it.

Stones, lighting, and plant materials work well with smaller fountains, including annuals and shrubs.

For example, if your outdoor water fountain spills into a small pond, your landscape builders will use stone slabs or river rocks to edge around the entire water feature. You also can add different plants that complement the rustic setting.

However, you don’t want to add any landscaping plants that will eventually cover your water fountain. Instead, you want the small grasses and succulents in the background, outside of the rock edging.

Why You Need Zanescapes to Design and Install Your Outdoor Water Fountain

If you live in Branson, MO, or northern AR, you need to call Zanescapes to design your new garden fountain.

At Zanescapes, we turn your garden fountain idea into reality. We’re experts at creating a unique water fountain for your property. We don’t overlook any details, and the final product is complete in every way.

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Zanescapes serves the following metropolitan areas: Branson, MO, Springfield, MO, and Harrison, AR.


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